Population Ageing In India

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    This study on population ageing, which began as a small research project ultimately emerged into a book form, due to the sincere support I got from many of my students, friends and colleagues. There are many studies already available on ageing and one would wonder the contribution of this present book. The present book presents population ageing situation in India in five key chapters, covering issues such as importance and policy on ageing, trend in ageing, the socio-demographic signs of ageing, and the speed of ageing that portrays crucial policy implications. All these of population ageing are illustrated spatially (using GIS map level is done features of them at the district level from 1971 to 2001. analysis by analyzing The an at the district according to sex and residence. So, unlike as observed in other a studies, this book could additional information on socio-demographic and spatial signs provide ageing s of population ageing for each district in the country, also incorporating data from recent surveys on the characteristics of the older persons, not available in the Census reports. However, the author wish to remind all its readers or researchers in the field of ageing that there are still many more interesting things to write about the ageing situation and the older persons. This book does not claim to be providing all matters about population ageing, but hopeful that it will be an essential reference material in the field.

    Over the years, at different points in time and levels, many persons have been associated with this study and contributed to the successful completion of this important study on a very significant demographic issue/outcome in India, viz. population ageing. gratefully acknowledge and appreciate the contribution made by each person. Mention maybe made of Ms. Smita Karat, the first research assistant (ARO), with whom I initiated the ground work, Ms. Swarna M. Behera and Dr. A. Patra. Each of them did their own part sincerely during their association with this study, and helped me to complete the study, including the tedious computations and cartographic works. Besides, I also thank other persons who may have shared their thoughts and ideas to this study.

    I also acknowledge with gratitude the valuable views and suggestions of colleagues at International Institute for Population Sciences (IIPS), Mumbai, including those from (Late) Professor P.N. Mari Bhat and Prof. T.K. Roy, Former Directors, and Prof. L Ladusingh, for enriching the study in many ways. I also express my sincere thanks to all other earlier researchers and organizations, including staff of IIPS Library, who work with great interest on ageing issues in different parts of the world and in India for the inspiration and knowledge that enabled me to come out with yet another book on population ageing.

    I also sincerely thank Mr. S.S. Rao, proprietor of Sita Books & Periodicals Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, and his team of reviewers and staff for understanding the importance of the subject and agreeing to publish this study on population ageing for wider reach... However, I take the responsibility for the presentation and any errors or misquotations that may have occurred inadvertently in the book.

    I wish to request the readers, demographers and researchers to give concrets suggestions which can be incorporated in the revise editions.

    I also express my heartfelt gratitude to my family (my wife and two lovely daughters for always being patience with me, understanding and appreciating my work.

    Mumbai, 2014

    Dr. H. Lhungdin

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