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PDF-2 is a powder diffraction database used in the analysis system of powder X-ray diffractometers of major manufacturers. PDF-2 2022 is the latest version released in September 2021.

PDF-2 contains experimentally obtained powder diffraction data and edited and standardized data from the NIST and ICSD databases. In addition, ICDD has added data on many common organic materials.

Each registration data contains information on grid spacing (d), relative intensity, and Miller index hkl (diffraction index). If known, it also contains chemical formulas, compound names, mineral names, structural formulas, crystal systems, physical properties such as melting point and density, measurement conditions, and literature information.

However, the atomic coordinate data is not included in PDF-2. If you also need atomic coordinate data for Rietveld analysis, etc., select the PDF-4 product.

PDF-2 incorporates ICDD "SIeve" as software for searching and viewing recorded data (equivalent to the previous DDView) and phase identification software. Alternatively, many third-party phase identification software supports PDF-2. When updating PDF-2 (when updating to a new release year version), also check whether the analysis software used in cooperation supports the new release year version. For third-party software, please contact the respective software manufacturer.

The total number of data recorded in PDF-2 2022 is 327,624!

The contents of the data of PDF-2 2022 are as follows. 10,804 new data have been added

Total number of data: 327,624

Breakdown of data sources:


Total number of data
(Inorganic compounds 305,502)
(Organic compounds 45,726)
Newly added data
10,804 cases

To use PDF-2 data, you need search software that supports PDF-2. In addition to the ICDD search and browsing software included in PDF-2, you can use his software created by various developers.

When purchasing/updating PDF-2 2022, check with the manufacturer of the analysis software you are using to see if it is compatible with PDF-2 2022. PDF-2 2022, is no longer available on Windows XP and Vista (the installation program can no longer be run). Please be careful if you are considering using it on an old PC. PDF-2 may change the structure of the database. Even if you can search and analyze with the previous version of the software, it may not be compatible with the latest PDF-2.

Operating conditions for PDF-2 2022

The operating conditions of PDF-2 2022 are as follows.

Supported OS
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 SP1
Intel Core Duo processor or equivalent recommended
4GB or more
Free space 4GB or more